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What Your Favourite E-Liquid Says About Your Personality


10 May 2021

Words by webvitality

Everybody in life has their own unique tastes. And it’s interesting, from a psychological perspective, what your preferred flavours say about you. Everybody’s personality is manifested in all preferences and decisions, such as our favourite colour, music, and the flavours we prefer. Our preferences for tastes are borne early in life and can be determined by what our mothers ate, but also, as we develop our own psyche we develop our own tastes, from sweet to sour, bitter to salty, it may be linked with our personalities closer than we think! If you have specific tastes, especially when it comes to your preferred flavour of e-liquid, what might it say about you? 

Mint Lovers Are Argumentative

If you like the flavour of a menthol liquid, it’s likely that you are always trying to mix it up in life. This could signify that you are ambitious, confident, but ultimately, argumentative. A study on the link between food choices and behaviour conducted by Dr. Alan Hirsch, founder of the Smell and Taste treatment and Research Foundation, found that a variety of ice cream flavours signified certain personality traits. Mint chocolate chip lovers like a variety in their lives. If you are someone that enjoys the variety and is never satisfied in one place, this might translate to your choice of e-liquid. If you really want to mix it up and go beyond the menthol, there are flavours like cherry menthol

Cherry Lovers Are Sincere and Loyal 

According to a blog on the Basket website on fruit, people who love cherry flavours are sincere, loyal, and have a blossoming imagination. Lovers of cherry play with things are creative and love to see the world through rose-tinted glasses. If you are someone who is a lover of people and thrives on forming sincere human relationships, you may very well be a lover of cherry flavoured stuff, including e-liquids.

Sweet Lovers Are Sweet People

They say if you enjoy desserts more than you do dinner, you might be a sweet person. According to a study conducted at Gettysburg College, people who preferred sweet foods were kind and lovable. Another study conducted at North Dakota State University found that people who preferred sweet foods were more compassionate, empathetic, and friendly, and are more likely to be involved in volunteering and other selfless activities. The ice cream study conducted by Hirsch also hit upon the notion that people who liked sweet berry flavours like strawberry were more introverted and devoted. General fans of berry flavours, like the strawberry shake were also found to be more thoughtful and logical.

Are Bitter Lovers Bitter People?

While you may be yearning for the traditional tobacco flavour in your e-liquid, those that prefer bitter flavours were, according to the University of Innsbruck, more likely to have narcissistic personality traits. Psychologists studied 1,000 people and found the people that preferred bitter foods were more likely to respond insensitively to others. However it’s unfair to tarnish everyone with the same brush in this respect. Naturally, if you have been yearning for that bitter dark tobacco flavour in your e-liquid, you could very well be trying to give up smoking anyway. In which case, you might be someone that tries to play it safe. If you are leaning to more traditional vape flavours like tobacco, you may not be keen to put yourself in uncomfortable situations. Going back to the study conducted by Hirsch, those that like bitter flavours like coffee may be more dramatic. If you are someone that likes coffee flavoured ice cream, balancing the sweet with the bitter, you may be someone who needs constant stimulation.

So have you found your flavour here? If you have specific personality traits, you may find that you lean towards certain flavours. For example, if you are a leader, you may prefer flavours like green apple. However, the egocentric and chatty people preferred blueberry. And while the people who like to play safe lean towards Golden Virginia original tobacco, it is easy to see why. 

It’s interesting to see the correlation between flavour choices and personality. When we have a specific desire for certain flavours, they provide small clues about our personality. The next time you see someone vaping, you may want to sniff out their flavour choice and see if what they vape provides insight into who they are. Of course, you may feel that you need to have a variety is the spice of life, in which case, your chosen e-liquid may change from time to time.

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