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Is There A Difference Between e Juice And e Liquid?


29 September 2021

Words by webvitality

Are you new to vaping and want to make sure you get the right liquid for your vaping pleasure? Or maybe you are confused about the different terminology used in conjunction with vape products and want to explore this a little bit more. It is only natural to be curious about what you are putting into your body and making the best decisions regarding vaping.

What is E Liquid?

E liquid is the liquid that is put into an e-cigarette or vape tank that creates a vapour. The vapour is what you inhale and exhale. Typically, when people choose to switch to e-cigarettes or vape, it is to replace a smoking habit, which gives them the familiarity they crave from smoking without all of the side effects of smoking. 

So, whether you’re using a closed system disposable e-cigarette or have hand-dripped the e-liquid into your customised vaporizer, the system works by heating the e-juice, which typically contains propylene glycol glycerin, water, nicotine, and flavourings, which is then inhaled and converted into vapour.

Are E Liquids and E Juice the Same Thing?

Essentially yes. The terms e liquid, e juice or even vape juice and vape liquids are all the same. People use the names interchangeably, and there is no difference between any of the terms. Colloquially, the phrase e liquids are the more formal name for the liquid and is thought to be the more professional name. E juice in many circles is thought to mostly refer to the more fruity flavours in the e liquid market. However, there is no technical difference, and using any of these terms will usually mean the same thing to most people when used to vaping.

Many people attribute the different names due to the various subcultures around vaping. Some prefer to vape instead of smoke which means they reduce the number of harmful chemicals they introduce to their bodies via smoking but can still get their nicotine hit. Others prefer to quit smoking using a nicotine-free liquid that gives a flavourful hit when they inhale. As it is a relatively new concept, people have appropriated this as they wish. For others, it is a status symbol.

What Is The Best Term To Use, E Liquids or E Juice?

In some instances, it can be confusing to know exactly what term to use, and mostly this is a personal preference, and typically e liquids can be called whatever term you prefer to use.

That being said, there is some notable difference in e liquids that could help you determine which is the best phrase for you to use.

  • Some liquids do not contain nicotine, and for this reason, many people refer to these as e juice – a softer version of e liquids.
  • If you want an e-liquid with nicotine, some people prefer to use e-liquid as an e-cigarette replaces a normal cigarette used to replicate smoking.

Choosing The Best E Liquid

The best e liquid for you is a personal choice, and regardless of what you choose to call it, finding the right e juice or e liquid for your vaping needs can be a bit of trial and error until you find what works best for you.

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