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Is It Safe To Mix e Liquids?


17 September 2021

Words by webvitality

Are you struggling to find the right flavour e liquid for your tastes? Many people have long asked the question of if it is safe to mix e liquids. This post looks at the safety of combining different e liquids and the potential effects doing so can have on your vaping experience and the quality of the e liquid after mixing.

Can You Mix E Liquids?

So what exactly do you need to know about mixing e liquids now we know you can actually mix them? In short, the answer is yes. Pretty much most e liquids are safe to mix. In fact, mixing e liquids is akin to creating a new cocktail flavour, and the result is either something that blows all of your expectations out of the water or sends you right back to the drawing boards with a shiver in your spine. Always check the label first though just to be sure.

What Are The Rules for Mixing E Liquids?

When talking about the rules for mixing e liquids, this term is used loosely as there aren’t any hard and fast rules. Maintaining your safety at all times is advised, and checking the ingredients of the different e liquids can help you to assess how best to mix different e liquids.

Things to bear in mind before mixing e liquids are;

  • Start small until you get more familiar with mixing different e liquids. Refrain from filling the tank if you do not like the new concoction, and then you have wasted the mix and separate liquids.
  • Make a note of what you used exactly, including nicotine strength, quantities and flavours. This will help you to remember what did and, more importantly, did not work for you.
  • Stick to the same bases, for example, vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG).
  • Shake the new mixture well before adding it to your vape tank

When creating new e-liquid flavours by mixing existing e liquids is that maintaining the proper PG/VG ratio will contribute to a successful mix. Higher PG concentrations will thin the liquid, give your vape a throat hit, and produce less vapour. On the other hand, more VG will result in a thicker liquid that is smoother on the throat and produces more clouds.

Benefits of Mixing E Liquids

There are a few benefits to mixing your own e liquids, and these form the reason why many people often choose to do so, including;

  • Creating the right strength of nicotine for you
  • Creating a new flavour
  • Making your e liquids last longer
  • Enhanced vaping pleasure

Mixing E Liquids Safely

Before you get stuck into mixing up your e liquids, you must check the different types of liquids you will be using to ensure that you get the best results properly and are doing so safely. Always follow the guidelines in the e liquids to avoid any problems and take heed of the warnings. 

Safely mixing e liquids can open you up to a host of new tantalising flavours that aren’t advisable over the counter and help you create the ideal nicotine ratio for you to maximise your vaping experience fully.

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