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How To Clean Your Vape


6 October 2021

Words by webvitality

Using a vaping device comes with all kinds of benefits. The range of flavours, the choice of nicotine content, and even the big clouds that it can make. But one of the downsides is having to clean your vape.

Why Clean Your Vape

Because vaping is a bit more complicated than lighting a match and sucking on a cigarette, there are steps that you have to take to ensure that you continue to get the best possible experience out of vaping. The e-liquids can clog your device, stick to the inside of the tank, and disrupt the airflow. All of these make for a disappointing experience. 

How often should you clean your vape

As a general rule, you should clean your vape once a week. This ensures that it will continue running smoothly. A regular clean will also ensure that your flavours continue to taste fresh. As the e-juice is used and comes in contact with the coil, the build up can become stale, and if you switch flavours before you clean it, your new taste might not make it out of the tank.

How to clean your vape

  • Empty it of any liquid- any e-juice that is left in the tank needs to be disposed of. And even if the tank is empty, run it under the warm (not hot) water for a minute to make sure it is completely empty.
  • Deep clean- If rising the tank under the warm water doesn’t get it clean enough, you can pop the tank into a bowl of warm (not hot) soapy water and let it steep for around ten minutes. You can pop most parts of the vape into the water, just not the coil, battery, or any of the electric parts. When you are happy it is clean, simply rinse under the tap and remove all of the soap.
  • Dry- Your vape will need to air dry for around 10 minutes before you use it again. Before you reassemble it, you can dry it with a cotton bud to remove any leftover moisture.

If these steps aren’t enough, you might need to consider a much deeper clean. This can be achieved using household products and some cotton buds. Vodka and vinegar are two choices which can be picked up easily for the purpose of cleaning. In fact, vodka is one of the main ingredients in homemade household cleaners. It is a great disinfectant and hardly has any smell. Vinegar is another great cleaner, and is often used to clean windows, but you need to ensure it is thoroughly rinsed otherwise the smell will linger in your vape. Both of these can be used to steep your tank to remove any extra gunk.

How do you clean the coils?

Cleaning the coils is not as straightforward as cleaning the tank. And this comes down to the type of coils that are used in different devices. Replaceable coils can be cleaned but they are designed to be replaced rather than scrubbed. If you do decide to try and clean them, you may bring them back but they may never come completely back to life. Rebuildable coils are different and they should be cleaned on a regular basis to keep them fresh. How often? That depends on the e-liquid you use and the amount that you vape. It is better to have a check at them once a week when you are doing a gentle clean. If you see that they are getting gunked up, it’s time to take them apart and get cleaned.

What happens when a clean isn’t enough?

Over time, your vape will be used hundreds of times, and eventually you will need to replace it. Sometimes, you might only need to replace parts such as the tank. Other times, you might have to throw the whole thing away and buy a new vape. If you care for your vape properly, you should get plenty of use out of it. If you find after a good clean that the flavours are not what they used to be, you could vape some base liquid to help remove any lingering flavours. Otherwise, you might need to upgrade to a new vape.


Regularly cleaning your vape is the best way to ensure your vaping experience is the best. The act of cleaning can be as gentle or intense as you want it to be. Just be careful cleaning a small electronic device using water as it may get damaged and not function safely.

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